What are SEO articles and why should you optimize your copy?
Seo articles are articles that contain keywords and most fully respond to user queries in search.

For example, you have an online store where you sell sofas. And a certain category of people has an interest - to buy a sofa. In Google or Yandex, people enter the following query: "buy a sofa." If there is such a request in the texts on your sites, then users can come and buy a sofa from you.

This directly leads to the answer to the question "Why do we need seo-articles for the site at all". Answer:

they help the user find what he is looking for;
serve as a kind of hooks for search engines: the better all the content on the site is optimized, the higher the ranking of the web resource in the search results;
keep users on the page;
facilitate the conversion of visitors into subscribers / buyers.
Here we will immediately cut off all hopes to rise to the top of Yandex and Google for the same texts. Even if the texts contain 10 out of 10 in the opinion of Glavred and "Turgenev" promises that "Baden-Baden" will not touch you, then there will be no top-1, top-5 and top-10, if the site is loaded for 5 minutes the basket is not works, but usability is generally at zero. SEO-optimized articles are an essential component of a high-ranking website, and if a company decides to order SEO website promotion, copywriting will become a must. But this is a remedy, not a panacea.

What is good SEO copy?
The answer to this question can be a volume of the type "War and Peace", therefore, in this war, peace is far away. Every day some trends appear, long posts are written, seo articles and seo texts are separated, search engines also put forward some requirements, and clients are also all different. These are subtleties and regularly changing trends. In this article, we will only touch on the most basic points to look out for when writing SEO articles.

Let's start with a bad example - how not to write SEO articles? Yandex will help us with this:

how not to write seo articles

By launching the Baden-Baden algorithm in 2017, Yandex showed once again that texts are intended for robots, not for people, this is bad. Since 2011, Yandex has been asking to write ordinary texts that will be useful and interesting to users. What is useful in the text in the picture? Nothing. And they are still being written.

Google also handles content like this:

“Don't fill your pages with keyword lists, don't try to publish different content for search engines and users, don't create pages just for search engines. If a site contains pages, links or texts that are not intended for visitors, Google considers such links and pages to be misleading and may ignore such site. "

Then what will be the correct seo article?

Good for humans. Do not pour water - the text should clearly respond to the user's request. A person wants to buy a sofa - tell us what kind of sofas you have, what they are made of, what are the real benefits, how to buy them and how much they cost, what is the delivery.
Informative. You can write a thousand times in the text that your sofas are the cheapest and at the same time the highest quality, but this will not give the user any information. Refer to real facts to back up your words. You cannot be unfounded.
Competent. Everyone has typos and mistakes, but absolute or close to it illiteracy will scare away visitors. Nobody likes to read texts full of mistakes.
Unique. In fact, a controversial point, technical specialists have already paid attention to this, but so far the uniqueness of the text remains among the quality criteria. Ideally, the minimum threshold is 70%.
They did not fall asleep with keys. Keys cannot be used too often: in SEO.RU, the formula is as follows - a maximum of 2 keys per 500 characters. Moreover, insert them into the text so that the article remains convenient and easy to read. “To buy inexpensive Moscow sofas in our store” is bad.
Formatted. To make the text readable, you need to break it up into paragraphs, add graphics, and use a crisp font.
This is a basic minimum of general guidelines for writing articles, and there are many services out there to test these criteria to make the job easier.

What should be included in search-optimized text?

Headings <h1> and subheadings <h2> - <h5> - these show crawlers the entire structure of the document, and also give your visitors a quick idea of ​​what the text is about. Therefore, the main heading and all subheadings should be as concise and understandable as possible.
Lists - Bulleted and numbered lists make it easier and faster to read text and therefore make a purchase decision. Search engines are also very fond of this design, when blocks of information are highlighted.
Bulleted list

Bulleted list

Repeated links - can increase the number of conversions on the site and organic traffic in general. By letting the search engine understand that there are natural links and mentions on a web resource, we will increase the internal weight of more significant pages that are used in website promotion. But don't overuse it.
Relinking in text

Repeated link in the text: the link leads to another page of the site

The snippet requires <Title> and <description>. That is, it is not really necessary for the text, the user will not see them until he opens the page code. But if you want the crawler to display specific text in the snippet content, and not what he likes best on the page, write these meta tags. Also keep in mind that these tags carry a lot of weight in the formation of search results, so here it is definitely recommended to use the keywords for which you want to advance to the top.
Title and description in the page code

<Name> and <Description> in the page code

Images. Illustrate the text with photos, pictures, diagrams, graphs (if necessary) - this is again an indicator of content for search engines.

Keywords - seo-texts for this and seo, which are focused on improving the position of the site in the search. Therefore, use keywords in the text, heading and subheadings. By the way, you can insert the most complex and "inconvenient" keys into them: they will look much better in the subheading of the section "Corner sofas" than in the text.
Distribute the keys evenly and never list them.

How to Write SEO Articles: Conclusions

Writing SEO articles may require some work on the style and logic of construction, but the main thing here is to learn how to communicate the benefits of your product to future buyers in an accessible way.

Of course, SEO copywriting services include other subtleties, including analyzing customer preferences, but these do not negate the importance of the basics.

Despite the fact that now every second - a copywriter, editor or commercial writer, the convincing voice of another expert on writing and seo-optimization of articles sounds from every hardware, there are things that can and cannot be used objectively. There are recommendations from search engines, there is experience in promotion, there is a reader and consumer reaction. And that's enough to write normal text that is useful to the user and attractive to the search engine.



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